Impact and Recognition

Darden maintains a rich and deep culture of philanthropy in which the extensive Darden community — from students and faculty, to volunteers and alumni, to corporations and parents — supports the achievements of the School and those who walk its halls. Collectively, this loyal community allows Darden to deliver on the promise of its mission and help future leaders pursue their purpose. The incredible impact the Darden community makes by powering investment in the School’s faculty, students, Grounds, education experience and future is awe inspiring. Your philanthropy changes lives, and we are grateful.

Unprecedented Support for Learning

How does Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63) ensure Darden is the leader in lifelong learning? Read about his transformational gift.

Powering Women at Darden

Kirsti W. Goodwin (MBA ’02) is paving the way for exceptionally qualified women to attend Darden and become future business leaders.

Open Minds, Open Doors

Lem Lewis (MBA ’72) is rewarding students who improve the Darden community by demonstrating a commitment to increase inclusiveness.

Mick Denner (MBA ’18)

The proud recipients of your support will someday be the leaders who go on to change the world. I hope someday soon, we will be sitting in the same chairs where you now sit, next to a new set of scholars to whom we are able to give back.

Mick Denner (MBA ’18)
to attendees of the Darden Scholarship Dinner
Darden giving societies honor the leaders whose purpose is powering the next generation
An Inspiring Commitment
Darden Rising: How we become the World's Leading Public Business School...

Read the latest issue of Pillars, Darden’s philanthropy newsletter, for the stories about the alumni leaders, loyal supporters, strategic priorities and incredible progress that drive the Powered by Purpose campaign.

Alumni Magazine Winter 2024

"At Darden, our ideas don’t just advance business practice, they are instrumental in creating a transformational learning experience."

– Scott C. Beardsley,  Dean and Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business Administration

Campaign Milestone I Report
Crowning Achievements: Ahead of Schedule and Beyond Expectations

In 2023, the campaign achieved its first milestone two years ahead of the 30 June 2025 deadline, raising an unprecedented $406 million. With the inclusion of matching funds and those held outside of Darden, the total impact of the campaign stands at $505 million.

Volunteers: A Vital Resource

Volunteers: A Vital Resource

Darden honors those who support the School and its mission through volunteering time and resources. Volunteers play a vital role in the life of the School and the fundraising successes that power our purpose, and Darden recognizes them with deep appreciation.

Contributors to Success

Darden deeply values its donors who philanthropically support the School and its strategic priorities on an annual basis. We recognize with gratitude those generous contributions.

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