C. Ray Smith Alumni Hall

A tremendous opportunity to unlock $7.2 million in matching funds from Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63) is now available to power the renovation of the C. Ray Smith Alumni Hall. Nestled between the inn, arboretum and botanical gardens, and Darden academic buildings, the facility will be home to dramatically improved program space for Darden alumni and lifelong learning, once renovated. Named in honor of one of the School’s great early leaders — Professor Emeritus C. Ray Smith (MBA ’58), who served as a mentor to thousands of students for more than 40 years — the renovation will activate the space in new and engaging ways.

The five-story structure will feature four working floors that house innovation space, collaboration areas, and new offices for the alumni engagement and executive education and lifelong learning teams. The renovations will also create greater connectivity to Camp Library and the heart of Darden Grounds.

C. Ray Smith

(MBA ’58), Professor Emeritus

Few in Darden’s history have played a more central role advancing Darden than C. Ray Smith. In the 42 years he served on the faculty, he taught across disciplines; authored dozens of cases and courses; developed executive education programs; served as interim dean three times; and mentored thousands of students, faculty and staff across generations. The new C. Ray Smith Alumni Hall will create improved spaces for alumni and lifelong learning and cement C. Ray’s legacy at the School.

Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63)

I am a big believer in lifelong learning and that learning is enabled by great faculty. I hope this gift will inspire others to give and hope that the School will continue to be a true force for good in the free markets and broader world.

Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63)
Generously donated $7.2 million as a challenge match to spur renovation of C. Ray Smith Alumni Hall

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