Meet the Campaign Leadership

Powered by Purpose
Campaign Cabinet

The leaders of Darden’s campaign champion the priorities of Powered by Purpose, showcasing their unwavering engagement and deep pride in the School. With a clear understanding of how the campaign preserves the Darden experience while propelling the School into the future, these alumni leaders play a vital role in its success.

Milestone I Chair

James A. Cooper (MBA ’84)

Milestone II Chair

Adair B. Newhall (MBA ’09)


Vice Chairs

H. William Coogan Jr. (MBA ’82)

Kirsti W. Goodwin (MBA ’02)

Elizabeth H. Lynch (MBA ’84)

Honorary Chair

George S. Tahija (MBA ’86)


J. Andrew Bugas (MBA ’86)

Franklin S. Edmonds Jr. (MBA/JD ’95)

William K. Daniel II (MBA ’91)

Robert G. Doumar Jr. (MBA/JD ’88)

John D. Fowler Jr. (MBA/JD ’84)

Catherine J. Friedman (MBA ’86)

John B. Jung (MBA ’84)

Rosemary B. King (MBA ’91)

Mark J. Kington (MBA ’88)

Lemuel E. Lewis (MBA ’72)

Jerry Z. Peng (MBA ’03)

Shannon G. Smith (MBA ’90)

Lilo Simmons Ukrop (MBA ’89)

William P. Utt (MBA ’84)

Steven C. Voorhees (MBA ’80)

Bradley J. Waitzer (MBA/JD ’87)

Robert C. Woodworth (MBA ’73)