Bicentennial Scholars Fund

Darden Values Create Value.

You can ensure that Darden values continue to create value by attracting and inspiring outstanding, purpose-driven students through gifts to the Bicentennial Scholars Fund. In return, your generosity will be amplified with a matching gift through the University of Virginia Strategic Investment Fund.

Power the Purpose-Driven Today

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to support graduate fellowships, which attract students who are committed to improving the world by serving as responsible leaders. The Bicentennial Scholars Funds are available to all schools across UVA on a first-come, first-served basis, so make your gift to Darden today and power the purposeful.


UVA will match gifts of $100,000 or more that are fully paid within five years for new endowments to support scholarships for graduate students.

Be a part of Darden’s fulcrum moment.